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Giant Crimson Tomato


Description: This just might be the rarest tomato in the world. Brought back from extinction by MI Gardener, this is the real deal as we got our original stock directly from him.

This variety was thought extinct for over 45 years until he got some 85-year-old seed packs and got 2 seeds to sprout. One sprout survived and from that lone plant, he was able to bring this great variety back to life and we are so glad that he did.

Our plants produced good amounts of mostly medium tomatoes, but we had a few over a pound. They are pink/red with a good flavor and few seeds.


Seed grown on our farm with beyond organic standards.

Days to Maturity:  85 to 90 days

Approximate seeds per pack: 10

Because this variety is so rare, limit 2 per customer.