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About Us

We love plants. A lot. In fact, it may be a borderline obsession. Share our boundless enthusiasm!

The first tomato of the season. Every. Single. Ripe watermelon. Winter harvested carrots. Peppers. Oh don’t even get us started on peppers.
Sure, we can share our love of plants and food by selling vegetables, flowers, and herbs in our small town. But then we’d only be able to share that love with our local friends. What about all those friends in other places? Seems kinda selfish to exclude them. So we decided the best way to spread our love further was to start a seed company. Two best friends were both enamored with the idea and just like that, Grateful Harvest Seed Company was created.
We are based in rural Missouri, near the small town of Cabool.

Who we are:

Adam Stevens

Adam grew up near Salt Lake City, Utah. As a child he didn't particularly like working in the large family garden, but did enjoy shelling peas and eating tomatoes. After moving out on his own, the gardening bug lay dormant until he and his wife had their first child and they contemplated just what they should feed their new family. They promptly got a 10'x10' community garden plot which very quickly became a 10'x20'.

As these things go, the gardening bug turned into a farming bug and they bought their first farm near Eugene, Oregon. While working as a commercial lender at a community bank he studied all things gardening, farming, and permaculture. In 2019 after 17+ years in the financial services industry, he left his job and the family moved to rural Missouri to pursue their passion for farming. During this time, he completed the necessary coursework and became a certified permaculture designer.

Now settled on 43 acres, they  are working towards building their farm with a goal of showing others what is possible when we design our farms using permaculture principles and natural systems as our guides.

Warren Brown

Warren grew up in Southern California near Huntington Beach. In his teenage years he played in several bands and wanted to become a professional musician. Later, he and his high school sweetheart got married and moved to Austin, TX to go to college where he obtained his degree in education. After graduation he became a special education teacher at a local school.

He and his wife got the homesteading bug, got a couple of acres, and started gardening. As things progressed, they wanted to get further out of the city and raise their children in a more rural environment and live a more simple life, which led them to rural Missouri.

They live on 30 acres near their best friends and are busy planting fruit trees, gardens, and chasing children.

What is permaculture?

Permaculture is a design language. According to the founders, the word comes from a combination of "permanent" and "culture". It is a lens through which we view the world around us, touching all aspects of human needs (thus "permanent culture").

We start with the prime directive of permaculture as stated by Bill Mollison, the co-founder of permaculture which is "The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children”. Then, using patterns in nature as our guide, we begin designing systems in support of this and look to the 3 core pillars which are:
- Earth Care
- People Care
- Return of Surplus

Using these patterns and principles, we aim to achieve resilient, low input, largely self regulating systems where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.