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About Us

We love plants. A lot. In fact, it may be a borderline obsession. Share our boundless enthusiasm!

The first tomato of the season. Every. Single. Ripe watermelon. Winter harvested carrots. Peppers. Oh don’t even get us started on peppers.

Sure, we can share our love of plants and food by selling vegetables, flowers, and herbs in our small town. But then we’d only be able to share that love with our local friends. What about all those friends in other places? Seems kinda selfish to exclude them. So we decided the best way to spread our love further was to start a seed company. Two best friends were both enamored with the idea and just like that, Grateful Harvest Seed Company was created.

We are just getting started and we hope you enjoy our small, initial offering. We are busy planning and planting to bring you even more varieties in the future, some of them very unique and hard to get.

We are based in rural Missouri, near the small town of Cabool.

Piney Creek Farm

We don't just operate a seed company, we run a whole farm, and not just any kind of farm, but a permaculture farm. What is permaculture and what kinds of other things do we do? Pop over to our farm website to learn more about us and our farming philosophies. We strive to grow the healthiest plants and animals using regenerative practices and we believe this translates to better and healthier products for our customers, whether it be food or seeds.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.