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Farthest North Tomato


Description: Determinate. Say what? A 40 day tomato? Yep! These cherry type tomatoes are ready super early and there are plenty of them. This makes them a great choice for cold weather, northern gardens, for those looking to be first on the scene with tomaoes, or for a quick planting because why not? Fruits are red in color and have a nice flavor. Since they are a determinate, they don’t get very large making them good for containers, any size garden, or tucking in odd places.


Seed grown on our farm with beyond organic standards.

Days to Maturity: 40 to 50


Approximate seeds per pack: 25


History: 'Farthest North' was bred at the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station by renowned horticulturalist, Dr. Albert F. Yeager from a stabilized cross between 'Bison' and a wild current-type, 'Solanum pimpinellifolium' tomato and introduced in 1934.