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Blue Hubbard Winter Squash


Description: Quite the winter squash! This variety keeps extremely well, up to six months. The rind is a gray blue color and the starchy, dry flesh is bright orange. Fabulous tasting as a stand-alone dish or as an ingredient in any recipe that calls for pumpkin, sweet potato, or any other winter squash. Each squash can weigh between 15 and 40 pounds.


Conventional seed.

Days to Maturity: 110


Approximate seeds per pack: 25


History: Blue Hubbard has quite the history. Allegedly it arrived in Marblehead, Massachusetts in 1854 aboard a ship from the West Indies. Seeds were shared with J.H Gregory, who selected the unique blue color. He credited Miss Hubbard as the source of his seed and who told him it was the best squash she had tasted.